About Geesink

Strong, reliable, tough, smart, powerful: these qualities define the Geesink product line. Many of our customers face arduous waste management challenges. However, the Geesink vehicles are strong and meet any demanding requirements there can possibly be. Tough as the products are, they make no compromises and are unbreakable.

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And the Geesink parts are cleverly designed, always with the future in mind. We know that for our customers, waste is not merely waste, or something to be disposed of. No, waste is valuable raw material, enabling to create new products. With our robust and reliable Geesink products, we help our customers to revolutionise the waste industry.



Say waste management and you say Geesink. This family business has been in the business since 1875. Geesink has always been the muscle guy: our products can handle bulky, industrial and even dangerous waste as no other in this industry. And they are indestructible.

The Geesink history


Since the early beginnings in 1875, Geesink has focused on innovation. As we keep a close watch on the industry’s developments and our clients’ demands, we aim to be a technological trendsetter, providing high-tech solutions and enabling our customers to be in the lead in the waste management industry.