Say waste management and you say Geesink. This family business has been in the business since 1875. Geesink has always been the muscle guy: our products can handle bulky, industrial and even dangerous waste as no other in this industry. And they are indestructible.

Also, we have always focused on innovation. As we keep a close watch on the industry’s developments and our clients’ demands, we have always tried to be a technological trendsetter, providing high-tech solutions and enabling our customers to be in the lead in the waste management industry.

More than 140 years ago, Mr. Jacobus Geesink founded a small smith shop in Weesp. Since then, Geesink has developed into a household name in the waste management industry, focussing on innovation.

The history of Geesinknorba goes back to the companies Geesink, founded in 1875 by Jacobus Geesink in the Netherlands. It started as a coach builder and shipped its first RCV in 1915. In 2000 Geesink acquired Swedish manufacturer Norba, that was founded in 1870, and became one of the leading companies of refuse collection vehicles with a strong European presence.

In 1995 Geesink acquired Kiggen, a manufacturer of portable and static compactors, to offer our customers more waste management solutions. In 2011 we signed an exclusive agreement with Rossi Oleodinamica for selling the agile satellite vehicles. Since 2013 we can complement our product portfolio with reliable front- and side loading solutions to our customers.

In February 2012 the German stock listed holding company mutares AG acquired Geesinknorba. The same year Geesinknorba introduced the online track & trace system “TraceWaste”, the advanced roof crane system for collection of underground waste containers and the LI-ON Power hybrid vehicle to the market.

In 2014 Geesinknorba celebrated the GPM IV sales release at the IFAT exhibition in Munich. In the same year we redesigned our current smooth body. These new vehicles are easy to maintain and easy to operate and form the new pinnacle in RCV design.