Environmental solutions

Ever since 2001 we have been developing sustainable solutions and have assembled various green, robust and reliable vehicles to answer today’s environmental questions. And by striving to be ahead, we are stimulating our customers to revolutionise the waste industry.

And now we have taken a step further: we can now supply full electric refuse collection vehicles.


LI-ON Power Pro

The LI-ON Power Pro is the greenest solution that we can offer. The unit is noiseless and emissions such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and particles are eliminated, which is a great benefit, especially in densely populated urban areas. Also, the LI-ON Power Pro ensures a high payload due to the lightweight lithium-ion batteries and, as a result, presents a top of the bill performance.

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An important advantage is that the LI-ON Power Pro helps you to trim expenditure. For although this electric vehicle might seem more expensive when purchasing, in the long run the servicing costs drop significantly due to fact that the vehicle has less parts that need service.

With this new full electric refuse collection vehicle, we apply to the new regulations which will become active in the coming years. For example, new regulations of the institution of LEZ (Low Emission Zones) and CAZ (Clean Air Zones) which are in preparation in already 220 cities and towns in the European Union.


LI-ON Power

The LI-ON Power uses innovative lithium-ion battery technology. The battery pack powers the body and lifter. The payload remains high due to the smart battery technology and, being partly electrically driven, collecting and compacting waste is done almost noiseless. Also, the battery weighs only 600 kgs and is very smartly and compactly designed, to improve the vehicle’s payload even more.

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The battery can be recharged automatically while driving ensuring full power and an excellent performance. It is necessary to recharge the battery on a weekly basis, connecting it to the electricity mains, so as to balancing and enhancing its lifespan. The LI-ON Power on hybrid chassis delivers the best environmental results.