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Rear loaders

The Geesink rear loaders are simply unbeatable. They are tough yet light-weighted, and robust yet manoeuvrable. Also the loaders are capable of processing domestic and industrial waste, and have a great payload. This means that you greatly save on energy and expenditure!

Tough enough

The unique compaction mechanism deals with large quantities of waste in one go, using maximum capacity. The curved floor and fully welded body greatly reduce the chance of leakage and corrosion. Also, the body sides are made of one solid piece of high strength steel. The weight of the body is as light as possible, which has the truly great advantage that the payload is maximised and could hardly be any higher.


Every Geesink unit can handle all types of waste: from wet waste to large or bulky materials. This is due to the robust compaction mechanism and the wide internal body. The rear loader is available in two width sizes: 2.55 meters (standard) and 2.26 meters (narrow track). When you are looking for a body that will easily manoeuvre in narrow urban areas, the smaller sized rear loader is a perfect option.

Lifters and cranes

Discharging either lighted-weighted or bulky waste, our lifters are true powerhouses. We have different lifters in store: comb lifters, full automatic split lift (to empty two-wheeled containers) and an all-round Eurotainer lift which hoists up to 5000 kilograms in one go. For emptying underground containers, you can opt for two efficient crane systems, the KT1 or KT2 with comb lifter.