Comb lift for domestic or industrial waste

Our GCB is ideal for either domestic or industrial waste. This lifter is a real powerhouse; it is capable of emptying 120 to 1.600 litres in one go, greatly enhancing productivity on the route. The containers can be collected by a comb bar or with trunnion arms, whatever suits you best.

Full automatic Split lift

Emptying two-wheeled containers has never been so easy. The full automatic split helps operators to empty large clusters of two-wheeled bins rapidly. Plus, with the 60-degree tilt angle, waste will be discharged effortlessly. When the two lifts are connected, the lift is perfectly suitable for collecting trade bins.

The all-round Eurotainer lift

This multifunctional lift handles all kinds of waste, from trade, domestic to industrial waste. Using its ETB arms, the lift can empty Eurotainers up to 5.000 litres. To make your work easier, the lift also possesses a comb bar and trunnion arms to empty the standard 120 – 1.600 litres containers. This all-rounder presents you the possibility to empty both Eurotainers and 2- and 4-wheeled containers on the same route.


User friendly crane system

This crane with chute is a true help for operators. Using this crane, it will speed up the collection process significantly. There are two types of crane bodies; the KT1 and the KT2. The KT1 is an efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly solution when underground containers need to be emptied. And the KT2 uses a comb lifter, which, in addition to emptying underground containers, allows the body to collect 2- and 4-wheeled containers as well.


More power with the HKE lift

When industrial containers need to be emptied, there is no other lifter to use than the HKE. The strong arms easily pick up large (front loader) containers. The lifter also boats a full catcher bar assembly which has the capacity to empty 120 – 1.600 litres containers on one route.


Custom-made skip lift solutions

Geesink offers custom-made solutions for emptying large skip containers. Whatever your wish, we always deliver a comb lift and a chain system, providing operators with superb functionality and flexibility on the route. The custom-made lifter has a lifting force up to 5.000 kg and includes hydraulic jack legs that can be mounted underneath the hopper.